Welcome to General Titles & Visual Effects. We create visual effects, motion graphics, titles, and end credit rollers (aka crawls) for feature films and television. With our proprietary software, we create smooth rolling text for end credits, maintaining that "analog" film feel, delivered in any resolution and for any format.

Our experienced designers are fully aware of the important legal issues relating to credits, and are familiar with the different requirements of the various major studios in Hollywood. Our veteran artists have worked with every major studio and countless independent productions, and created the end credit rollers for such films as Disney's Beauty and the Beast (2017 live action release), Fury, Southpaw, TRON: Legacy, The Equalizer, The Interview, Balls of Fury, Sex Tape, The Fourth Kind, Evidence, The Return, Mall Cop 2, and many more.

We use a proprietary internal workflow which makes adapting to credit changes and updates very easy, and we can promise accuracy and a fast turnaround.

In addition to main titles and end rollers, we also provide filmmakers with the finest visual effects at very competitive rates. From wire removal, monitor inserts, and green screen compositing, to set extensions, 3D camera tracking and CGI elements - we can handle any VFX task.