Helpful Files for General Titles™ Clients

General Titles™ MS Word Template for Credits

This is our MSWord docx template for setting up your end-credits document.  

Guidelines for Title and Subtitle Timing

Just how long should you leave a title card or subtitle up on screen?
This guide provides industry standard insights into title and subtitle durations.

General Titles™ File Naming Conventions

A complete naming convention for keeping all elements and final VFX well organized.

External Links of Resources for Filmmakers Working With Us

EXR PRO Plug-In (Free Download)

This plug in will allow  you to import and export EXR files, which is the intermediate format we use here at General Titles. Increasingly, EXR is the interchange format of choice, and is even being use as the delivery format for some DI facilities.

Creating a Light Probe (Opens Page @ USC/Debevec)>

How to shoot Light Probe HDR images to capture your on-set lighting setups.

It is important to capture light probs for any shot where a CGI element issuing to be seated in post. Light probes capture the exact lighting as used on set, and transfers that lighting setup to the virtual 3d CGI environment.

X-Rite Color Chart (Opens

This is the most common color chart used on set to provide an exposure/color/white balance check for each setup.

For every setup that is going to be used in a visual effect, it is important to capture a second or two of this test card, in the lighting of the subject so that a lighting and camera profile can be made to match the conditions on set.


ProRes v2.0.6 (Download Page @ Apple)

Apple ProRes codecs download

Installing ProRes codecs without Final Cut installed

  1. Download the codecs (above) and mount the dmg on your desktop.
  2. Download the unpkg tool:
  3. Run the unpkg tool
  4. Drag the codec package onto the unpkg tool window
  5. Move the component files created from step #4 into ‘/Library/QuickTime’

ProRes Quicktime Players for Windows (Download Page @ Apple)

These are the ProRes codecs for Windows machines.

Avid DNxHD Codecs (Free Download @ Avid)

Avid DNxHD codecs for Mac and Windows, so you can view Avid Quicktime videos without having the Avid installed on your computer.

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